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"I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord,

Over mountain or plain or sea;

I'll say what you want me to say, dear Lord,

I'll be what you want me to be."

This Christmas is for everyone.....

Sunday, September 2, 2012


New Year's Eve 2011

The day started with the baptism of single young man in his mid 20s. It was due to start at 9 AM but didn't start until after 10 am but that was alright because we finished up in time for the branch party that was to start about 11 AM but actually started closer to 12:30. The Relief Society sisters cooked the food that the branch provided with the balance of the ward budget. While we all waited for the food to be brought up from the back of the lot where the sisters had been cooking it, the president led the youth and children in games. They played 'Simon says' which was fun for all of them and 'musical chairs' (which was so hilarious watching the older teenagers loose to the little kids).
Once the food was brought up the older folks (we were well qualified) were invited to dish up our food so we could eat as the different groups performed their dances. You just couldn't believe what good cooks we have in the branch. That went on for hours with everyone moving to and from the food ladened tables. About 4:00 the groups had finished so the whole congregation was invited to dance to the loud, thumping music. So fun to watch, especially when a sweet young teenager took your father out onto the dance floor. HE WENT! HE DANCED!!
After relaxing for awhile we went with our two missionaries on this New Year's Eve to dinner at Rodney's house. He is an active member of the church who is the father of 4 little children. He offered to turn his television on for Dad. He has ESPN and was very pleased to be able to offer sports to him. Your father graciously turned him down. His sweet wife and several of their children brought large platters of food into their living room, and set them down on the floor. I have heard about this since before we ever came here but it was still strange. We sat in a circle around the food, where Rodney blessed it. As is the custom, the guests (us 4) and the men (Rodney) were the first to be fed. Before we started filling our plates, Elder Turner asked if the rest of the family could please join us so we could all eat together. They did come in but didn't actually start eating until we had a good start. There was so much food. Potato salad, big bowl of rice, hot dogs, fresh tuna fish (so delicious), bone fish, chicken (bbq), fresh tomatoes, cabbage salad, 3 huge shrimp, soda pop and cool-aid. It was all sooooo good. Dad & I tried to stay sitting on the floor but we had to sit back up on the sofa (to the delight of the whole group).

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